Tumblog for Tiny Wee Bit site thing. I post pictures of british actors mainly, some exclusive pics included.

Right now the access to the site is via invitations only but you can reblog everything posted here.
Tiny Wee Bit

There were some unwanted people at the site so it became unsafe and I became paranoid so I closed it. It’s still working for some people that I know personally and people that was helping out (sending pictures, donating money etc.*) but basically it’s restricted access. Because I don’t want to go to jail or pay loads of money for collecting some silly pics on the Internet so here we are. But I will still update the tumblog because I like it here. And Tumblr edits are not the same as hi-res pics, you know?

*If you are one of these people and I forgot to let you in let me know via my ask, thanks.

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Damian Lewis 081 [x]

Benedict Cumberbatch 057 [x]

Ben Whishaw 053 [x]

Anna Maxwell Martin 010 [x]

Anna Chancellor 008 [x]

Some anon asked about this shoot in high quality. That’s the best I could find! Hope it’s all right!

Andrew Scott 008 [x]

Andrew Lincoln 022-025 [x]

Amanda Abbington 003 [x]

Allen Leech 008 [x]